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Unmatched as an emulsifier of food products, the MINCE MASTER® produces a finer and creamier whipped mass than any other type of equipment utilized in food processing.  The MINCE MASTER® produces an emulsification of higher viscosity, with brighter color, and without separation of solids.

MINCE MASTER® is the gold standard in many industries including the high volume sausage, pet/animal feed, fish, vegeatble, bakery, dairy, egg, poultry, and lard rendering. MINCE MASTER® is known for the highest standard of quality, often with higher yields.

Originally designed and engineered for comminuting and emulsifying meat products, MINCE MASTER® is the secret to producing sausage that stuffs tighter, sets up firmer, slices smoother, yet is more tender.  It looks and sells better, because it is better!

100/125 HP Horizontal Emulsifier

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