How does the Mince Master® work?

Blended and chopped meats and other batch formulas are fed into the hopper of the MINCE MASTER®.  The formula is instantly sheared against the lugs in the lug rings - finely cut by the bottom edge of the knives that whirl at high speed over the perforated plates - drawn through the holes in the plates by vacuum suction created by the revolving ejector in the cutting chamber - to be discharged as a creamy superfine emulsion.

Time and time again the MINCE MASTER® has proven to be a high quality and dependable machine.  When you need increased output with less labor, and a higher quality product, MINCE MASTER® is the solution.  MINCE MASTER® is ready to bring your production into the next century!

466-1000 60 HP Vertical Emulsifier

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